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Fairywebmother's Beads
Beads and Embellishments by Bettina Makley

Created from a variety of materials, including high-fire clays, polymer clay and air-dry clay, these beads and embellishments are meticulously hand-tooled/sculpted, painted/stained/glazed to create original and, even one-of-a-kind supplies for you to use in your jewelry-making, beading, scrap-booking and collage work.





Mary and Mom
High Quality Tie-Dyed Accessories

Blissfully Delicious, Hand Dyed Socks!  Artfully created by Mother and Daughter team "Mary and Mom", these accessories are lovingly dyed using only the highest quality dyes and materials.  Imagine the monkeys (and other creatures) you could make out of these!! 


Other hand-dyed supplies will be added, soon.






More to come, soon!