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  I admit it.  I have too many blogs.  I've been trying them out,      you see, so I add my thoughts to several different sites.  My blog at Myspace is the oldest, with the most archived articles, but all my latest updates, both personal and artistic, are going in my Blogger blogs.  "Fairywebmother's Laboratory" is my art blog and "Me, My Thoughts and I" was created for more personal blogging.

I'm also adding links, on this page, to places I like or to some of my friends, so be sure and scroll all the way down.   Look for more links to be added, soon.











  More "Bettina" stuff:

  Fairywebmother's Laboratory  (Art Blog)

  Me, My Thoughts and I  (Personal Blog)

  Bettina's Mental Meanderings  (Myspace Blog)

  Bettina's Music  (Myspace)

  Please Sing This Song!  ( I Choose Love)

  Help Me Bloom  (Bettina's You Tube video)

  Bettina on Folk Alley

  Bettina on EBay

  My Art Profile  (Great art community!)

  Bettina on Etsy (store)


  Other Stuff:

  The Painter's Keys (Awesome news letter!)

  What the Bleep!?

  The Emperor's New Page "Fluter" on my Cd.

  Gina Martinelli - Art and Music Studios

  Rebecca Zapen

  The Center for Holistic Health and Education      (Wheeling, WV / Ohio Valley)

  Events in Wheeling, West Virginia!


    More to come, soon.