Digital Parlor Tricks


Many of my digital works are created, from scratch, in a paint, draw or imaging program, with no photos used.  Here, however, are a few of what I call "digital parlor tricks".  These start with photos that need adjustments.


The first photo is one of my significant other, Lance.  He wanted to use it for his Myspace profile pic, but as you can see, it was off-center due to the fact that he had cropped out the grandchild he was holding.

After a little of "Fairywebmother's Magic", it was centered with the background replaced and a new shoulder added. 



Next, is one of me, in my daughter's kitchen, a few years ago.  Obviously, the background would NOT do, so I waved my voila....a cool Halloween pic.  There's still a lot I'd like to do with this one, but you get the idea.



Next, we have another picture of Lance, fooling around with a lime in his mouth.  That's right...the lime is the "before" picture.



The following pictures are of my brother, when he was a little boy.  He asked me if I could put him in a "wild west" background.  The resulting image was a very time-consuming project.  I had to use many of  my skills, as an artist to accomplish it.  Yes, the top of the background is an old photo.  This was altered beyond recognition, before I slid it into the picture.  I also had to think about depth and so things in the distance had to be blurred, a bit and lightened.  Connecting all the elements in a realistic way, was a challenge and I guess I'd like it known that I did not simply clone an object onto a new background.  This "digital parlor trick" took many hours.







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