Bettina Makley
aka Fairywebmother


Bettina Makley a.k.a. Fairywebmother, is an eclectic artist dabbling in a variety of mediums.  An award winning doll artist, miniaturist, costume designer and melody writer, she is exploring the joys of  computer graphics and has indulged in that medium, since 1998. 

Now living in Wheeling, West Virginia, she is partnering with her two daughters, Natalie Miniard and Sarah Johns, to create a one-of-a-kind gift shop in the historic "Centre Market Square". 

Music has always been a huge part of Bettina's life.  She is a singer/song writer and has performed for audiences in many parts of the USA, but is best known in Florida, where she is a member of  "The Makley Family", a well known group, consisting of  three generations of musical women, who's real claim to fame is yodeling.  This group is profiled in a book entitled "Yodel-Ay-Ee-Oooo ( the secret history of yodeling around the world)", by Bart Plantenga, released in 2004.  Bettina also released a CD, in 2003 of her original songs entitled "Do That One!"  which she produced with her friend and flute player Raven Stands Alone.

As an artist and as a musician, Bettina works entirely from intuition...from the heart.  She is, primarily, self-educated, though she proclaims to have had many wonderful teachers, throughout her life.  She loves learning and sharing what she knows and has given well-received workshops in song writing, costuming, doll sculpting and the making of doll-house miniatures and looks forward to teaching classes, at Blissful Expressions, in those and many other creative areas.



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