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Bettina's First Hand-made Book. 

There are ten pages, but just a few examples are shown, here.  More info, coming, soon.

Click on the thumbnails to see them larger.

The front and back cover are library pocket with an extra piece of card stock to make them stronger. I covered them with my own, hand-dyed paper towels, then added metallic paint around the edges. The word "Remember" is on two pieces of card stock that was a scrap from the inside cover. It's layered with some thin, brown paper that someone gave me and sponge painted with acrylics. The word was written with sparkle pens from Family Dollar. The medallion was made from air-dry clay, although I also make them from high-fire clays, like stoneware (the purple beads are stoneware). I used stamps that
I made, myself, to impress it, then painted it with acrylics.  


The pages are painted library pockets that I glued to white cardstock.  The idea being that the pockets could hold memorabilia like photos, ACEOs, theater tickets, etc., while the white pages could be for the written words.  The pages could also be further embellished with other ephemera.



The binding was just simply hemp twine that I painted.  I reinforced all the holes with eyelets.


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