A Healing Art Journal
Personal Healing through art and affirmation.


A Blank Book

I am beginning a new journey of conscious inner healing and to that end, I have decided to create a special journal, filled with art, affirmations, and personal expressions to help me on my path. 

I started off with a nicely textured, black journal with thick, textured, white paper inside.


I had, among a myriad of uncompleted projects,  a 4" x 6" acrylic painting, waiting to be finished.  Since all my work is intuitive, I did not have a plan for this painted background, yet.  I also had made some faces from my original sculptures and had some of those laying around, too.  I plopped the painting on top of the journal and the face on top of the painting to create this cover design.  I added more, later on, as you will see.


Once inside the journal, I  made a title page, though I hadn't decided on the title, yet.

After that, I just began to spontaneously splash colors and textures around on the pages.  This was done quickly, as I was in my "loosening up" phase.  I just let some ideas "fall out of my brain", so to speak.

Much of this journey will involve the choice for love, peace, joy and health.  Sometimes I will be playful, sometimes more serious, but the goal is to follow my bliss to a healthier life.

More to come...when the Spirit moves.  :)









  Update 2008:

My biggest battle with my emotional, Spiritual and physical health has always been guilt.  I know that many artists understand this.  I, also, know in my heart that I create my best work when I create from love, but guilty thoughts will often invade, like "I should be doing something more responsible" or "I should concentrate on what will make me money".  Of course, every time I try to create from fearful thoughts, the work suffers.

It was New Years Eve day, when I began the following pages.  I needed to splash color around and not think about anything but the joy of making art...for me.  I completed them on 1/02/08.  They became powerful affirmations and have really helped in the healing process.


Just to be clear, here, I was NOT feeling like welcoming anything, when I began to work on these pages.  I was in a pretty dark place, at the time.  Welcoming 2008, Joy, LOVE, Radiant Health and Abundance was a conscious choice that I made with each stroke...and with each stroke, I began to feel better.  By the time I was finished, I was feeling a lot more like my positive, happy self!


After finishing the two spreads above, I still needed to splash colors around, so I went back to the earlier pages and enriched them with more color and gold and copper accents.  I also, finally, gave my journal a title, which just evolved, like the rest of the journal.  I started with the little, framed "I AM", then realized it was off center, so I added the heart.  Underneath I put a subtitle, "...on a journey".   When I read it like a New York T-shirt, it said "I Am LOVE on a Journey" and that felt like a title, to me!



Here is a detail image, so you can see the colors better.  :)

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