A Healing Art Journal
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"Welcome Peace"

The page below did not want to go any further.  I like to look at it...feel it.  I just love the color and find it very, soothing.

The next two pages were made to illustrate two verses of a poem that I wrote, a few years ago.  I'm creating a spread for each verse and there are four verses.  I have two finished, so far.

   More to come, soon. If you would like to see the whole poem, click HERE.


I found an old journal with some thoughts on creating Joy.  I took an excerpt from it to create the following spread.


In the next spread, I began with the 4" x 6" painting.  It was laying around, unfinished, in the Lab.  As I held it to the white page, it asked for a yellow background, so I complied.  The next day, it asked to be framed by the green tree...and I couldn't resist it's urging.  Then, I saw the seed and the vine.  After that, the words were obvious.


All graphic art on this site Bettina Makley.  All rights reserved.


Sometimes, if my journal is wet and if I still need to splash paint around, I grab a sheet of canvas paper and fold it in half.  These will be bound together, someday, but for now they serve, as a fresh place to play, while the Healing Art Journal dries.


Oh, yeah...and along the line, somewhere, I added gold highlights to the cover.



"I Am Love on a Journey" is based on the idea that what we put out is what we get back.  I am filling it with what I intend to feel.  I am, carefully and consciously, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and my life is changing, as my intentions are clarified.