" For the record,  I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the military  who, in their hearts, are  putting  their lives on the line for the USA..  Their courage and devotion,  to this country,  is  unquestionable" - Bettina

Free Peace Symbols!




An on-line friend of Bettina's started a simple thread, in a forum, wherein he asked everyone to contribute a peace symbol with each reply.  This inspired her so much that she quickly opened her favorite graphics program and started whipping up peace symbols.  She offers them here, for free.  You may use them in any way you like, to promote PEACE, on the World Wide Web!  All we ask is that you DO NOT LINK TO THEM, but download them to your own computer, by right-clicking on them and choosing the "save picture as" option. 

Most, if not all, of them will tile seamlessly, as a background, too!  Buttons, and such, are in the works for the future, so keep checking back!  New graphics will be added, anytime the inspiration strikes!

Creating these graphics is a form of meditation, for Bettina, who believes that, in giving them away, she is sharing her inner joy and by doing that,  she is healing hearts...and that is what will save us from ourselves!   So pass them around...and spread PEACE and JOY throughout the Internet!  And hey...all you artists out there...start making peace symbols and passing them around, for free!  We're trying to start a "grass-roots" movement, here! 






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