Spirit Rattles
Hand-sculpted Musical Instruments by Bettina Makley


Here are some of my latest creations.  I spend lots of time, just holding them and infusing them with all the positive energy I can.  Here is one that I created, specifically, for healing.  It is approximately 3" high and is clay over plastic shaker egg. 



Here's one for Peace.  It's smaller, at only about 2" high.



Here's Joy!  It's another small one.  The little bags are made of hand-painted fabric, using hand-dyed hemp cord and hand-made beads.



(May 2007)

"Human Bean" approx. 3".




"Moss Spirit"  2"



"Forest" approx. 2.75"



"Celestial Bean"  approx. 2.75"



"Clarity" approx. 2"



June 2007

"Singing" approx. 2.75"





Inspired by the Pueblo Storyteller Dolls, this is a very special rattle.

I created this while thinking about my Mom, as Mother's Day 2007 approached.  She collected story teller dolls and handed her appreciation down to me.  When she passed, the dolls came to me, as well.  I know if she were still with us, this would have been her gift, this year.  As it is, it was her gift to me.

Series: "The Story Teller"

Title: "Fairy Tale"




I started making these shakers, a few years ago, only to be side-tracked by other projects.  I have recently started to work on them, again and I am having a wonderful time!  Each rattle is one of a kind and each seems to have a unique "personality"  The tiger, below, along with the storyteller, above, are approximately 3.75" high.  So far, they are the largest, but who knows?  Now that I am addicted to making them, anything (any size) could happen!