Gifts to excite the creative soul...

...and unique supplies to feed it!


Coming, soon, to Centre Market Square!


Our Family Gallery and Gift Shop

We are a family business.  Not only that, we have a large family of some of the most creative people you will ever meet!  Our gallery and gift section will be a place for members of our family to display  and sell their completed works.  

Artists in the Gene Pool


Supplies, made by artists for artists.

One of our primary goals, here at Blissful Expressions, is to provide unusual, quality materials for use in your creative projects.  We are not a traditional art store and it is not our intention to carry the kinds of supplies one could find, easily, at their local craft or art supply store.  We are very interested in artist-made art supplies, such as, hand-made beads, hand-dyed fabric...etc.  We would love for you to feel a personal connection with the artists who create for us and will provide profiles of the artists whose work we carry.  For some examples, click HERE.



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