Needle Felting
Sculpting with Wool


These are the felted creatures and tiny pictures I've been working on.  Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

  Here is my first, needle felted bear, made from a kit.



After I learned how this was done, from the kit, I started creating my own designs.  The purple lion "Edward" was my first intuitive needle felted sculpture, made from the left over roving in the kit.  He was adopted, on EBay and now lives in a private collection.




Soon, I fell in love with the process, and began ordering small amounts of roving in different colors.  Below is "Grandfather Sun" and the images show him in progress.  I'm still not sure if he's finished, but I'm sure he will let me know.




Next up, was this little cat...also in progress...I think.


   After doing a search for "needle felted" on-line, I came across some tiny works of art called "inchies".  The format for "inchies" is 1" x 1" square.  I started noodling around with some flat felted landscapes and the following work evolved from there.

Here are the first, two landscape pictures that I created.  The larger one was first and is called "Moonlight Garden".  I still have that one.  The smaller one is called "Desert Sun" and is now in a private collection.


Then came "Tulips", also in a private collection.


   "Sheep" (sold)


   "Down on the Farm" (sold)


   "Fishies" (sold).


  "The Hills Are Alive" (sold)



   "Pumpkin" is a work in progress.


Below is my portable work station.  I'm working on an ACEO (it's changed a lot, since these pics were taken).  I made a pin cushion for my felting needles, tapestry needles and bamboo skewer.  The foam pad is a must, to keep from stabbing yourself.  The white commercial felt is my palette.  It keeps the tiny pieces of roving from blowing away and also allows me to see them, better.



 This is a doll body I made (and haven't finished).  I learned, on-line, about using chenille stems as armature, so I couldn't resist trying it. 


 Here is my first character, made with wire armature.



 You can read more about "Harvey and His Pooka" on my blog.




 Here is my latest, tiny picture.  It will be listed, soon.

 "Devotion" was begun on a circular disk of off-white, felted roving.  After hours of needling, I realized the composition was just not right, so I extended it, added more highlighting and needled it more firmly.



For Halloween "Farmer Jack" (sold).





All graphic art on this site Bettina Makley.  All rights reserved.


 New:  "Yule Goddess Ornament"

This ornament was especially created, for a friend, with healing intention. 


 The purple dot on the back conceals a pinch of sand from a Tibetan Healing Mandala.



"The Green Man's Cat"



A couple of abstracts...



     "Bird Watching" (sold)



I have been intending to create a dragon or dragons in some form and I finally got inspired! 

 "Dragon Mist"




Needle Felted ACEO




More info, coming soon!  In the mean time, visit my BLOG  .


































































































All graphic art on this site Bettina Makley.  All rights reserved.