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A Collection of Thoughts and Photos of New Inspirations, as they arrive and unfold!  Update: From now on, I will be updating this page through my BLOG.



So, I'm taking an on-line workshop from the ZNE group.  ZNE is the acronym for the EBay group variaZioNE, which is a gathering of folks interested in altered art.   We are creating ACEOs using embellishing techniques. 

The first lesson was to cover our 2.5" x 3.5" card stock (I used 140# watercolor paper) with tissue paper.  I really didn't have any interesting tissue paper, but I have been saving my paper towels that I use to clean my watercolor brushes.  I use the extra thick, soft ones that don't have any texture.  They are a little more expensive, but if I can reuse them as hand-dyed paper, in my collages, then it's worth it.

Here is my first one:

Here is one that I covered with hand-dyed cheese cloth (hand dyed cheese cloth by Ruthanne Mason).

I decided to use the latter background for my project.  Our theme was "gratitude" which is symbolized by the pink rose.  We all used pink roses in our projects.  For my main image, I used an old photo of my mother, when she was a young girl.  Mom crossed over a few years ago, so when the theme was announced, my mind, quickly, went to her.


After a little more embellishing, the following view shows the finished piece! 

My Mom was my biggest inspiration in many ways, but especially in music and creativity...and even now...she sends me butterflies.

"Thanks Mom"


Starting a new workshop. 

Cardstock backgrounds with fabric added.  We were instructed to make 10 and put five aside.

Click on the pictures to view them larger.

Then we added trees, using anything we wanted to.  After that we added the words on separate pieces.

After these were finished, we were given a printable background from the ZNE group about the Giving Tree project.  We were instructed to give each one away, including a kit (using the other five backgrounds) to make one.  In this way the project is passed along and other people become addicted to collage.  (The first one is that you go broke buying ephemera!).

Update:'s a new inspiration.  I decided to put a little more effort into my hand-dyed paper towels.  I used quality, acrylic paint, for durability, then I sprayed them with an acid neutralizer, so they would resist decomposition.  Using the tie-dye techniques I learned in the "60s and inspiration from my sister, Ruthanne Mason, whose beautiful tie dyed fabrics can be seen on our Blissful Expressions page, I am having a wonderful time making and creating with these durable and beautiful papers!








Here, is a brand new card, made with my hand-dyed paper.  It is my first ATC2 (Artist Trading Card Generation 2), a new format using the measurements of a standard business card.

Below, are some collaged photo albums.


The following are art cards I made using hand-dyed paper towels on card stock, then I painted an image on them.  In "The Unicorn" I applied the blue paper in one piece, but the green/yellow paper was applied in many, torn pieces, kind of like paper mache.  In "The North Wind", I applied a single piece of the paper to the card stock, then "found" the images in the random color and texture and painted them with acrylics.  This technique gives the cards an interesting texture.



OK, now...this is just weird...

"The Hills...Had...Eyes"

ATC2 - mixed media collage.  Click on picture for larger view.


Spirit Rattles

OK, so I started making these, a few years ago, but only made a few.  I've been meaning to make more, for years, and I've finally done it.  I had so much fun that I can't stop making them.  Each one is cradled for hours, in my hands while I infuse them with as much love and joy, as I can.  They have a very nice sound, too.  Again, the images are clickable.

Spirit Rattles, Detail. 

 Spirit Rattles.

  Spirit Rattle, "Tiger Tie-dye".

The tiger was made for my S.O. who loves tigers (especially Tigger and Tony) and also loves tie-dye.  It is the first in a series of Animal Spirit Rattles that I am working on. 


My daughter, Sarah and my Son-outlaw, David, gave me a little, Peruvian Ocarina, among other things, for my birthday, this year.  I loved playing the little thing, but it was so small it kept slipping out of my hands.  I could have, just put a cord on it, but I loved it so much that I felt it deserved better, so I pulled out my jewelry making supplies, including my own, hand-made beads, and made a necklace for it.  Then, of course, there had to be matching earrings!

I designed the necklace to compliment the back of the Ocarina, so that when I picked it up to play it, I wouldn't have to twist it over, but it can be worn, either way.



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